I'm committed to providing the highest level of skill and professionalism in everything we do. That's why I work closely with industry standards bodies and I'm very big on developing my staff with ongoing training and support.

I love my job and after 40 years in the industry its my clients which are my passion.   


Senior Stylist

I love the motivation I get from developing my skills and the constant learning we achieve at Clip Joint. This always gives me the energy and incentive to keep going forward in my career. 


Senior Stylist

"love love love" Love is what its about. I love what I do, my clients and clipjoint. We have a fantastic supportive team. It goes beyond being just a job... Its our life!!


Stylist / Training Manager

I cannot think of anything i would rather do. Hairdressing is the best career ever. I love coming into clipjoint every morning to our beautiful team and fantastic clients! I love to help train the new
apprentices and be a part of them reaching their goals.The best part is making a difference in my clients day!


Senior Stylist


Senior Stylist

When you get down to it.. If you love whats you do, its not a job, its a lifestyle; thats what hairdressing is to me. Its always changing and evolving, so there's always something new to learn.

And lets face it, there's nothing that beats making someone feel beautiful!!


Hairdressing isn't just a job, its a way of life.


Making people look great and feel good is the best feeling!



Clipjoint allows me to do this,  while constantly growing my skills and furthering my career.


Salon Assistant

I love working with the clipjoint ladies, I have learnt so much and enjoy interacting with our lovely clients!